Nepalese women celebrate women's festival "Teej"

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23 August
Hong Kong

Hong Kong was reddened today as Nepalese women wearing all red sari and blouse thronged to parks and community halls to celebrate the women's festival "Teej' across Hong Kong. Various Nepalese organizations organized the women's festival today to create an avenue for women to enjoy and express their feelings.

Hong Kong Integrated Nepalese Society (HINS) organized a huge 'Teej' festival at Yuen Long. Thousands of Nepalese women poured in under the baking sun to sing women songs and dance. The programme was funded by Equal Opportunities Commision. Commission chairman Mr. Raymond Tam said that he was thrilled to see the colourful crowd on the occasion and promised to bring his wife if invited to a similar programme next time. "We are so happy to fund such a colourful programme. If I knew this festival was for women to wish for happy marriage and refresh women's health, I would bring my wife with me. But I will surely bring my wife next time, if I am invited to such a programme again" he said.


Various local non-Governmental organizations were also invited to grace the function.

According to traditional believe 'Teej' is a typical occasion for women to express all the joy and difficulties of marriage life. Married women do fasting on this occasion wishing good health for thier husbands.

Similarly, Baglung Society Hong Kong also organized a similar party at a country park in Yuen Long.


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