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नेकपा एमाले अध्यक्ष झलनाथ खनाल सँग अन्तर्वार्ता

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सभासद सुरेश आले सँग अन्तर्वार्ता

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Video Interview with Dr. Mahabir Pun

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Interview with Mr. Mahabir Pun

Interview with Mr. Mahabir PunFriday, 28 December 2007 
Interviewed by - Priyata Thapa, Source : Nebraska Nepalese Society 

Question: Being an international student myself, I have had experiences of culture shock. Can you describe to us your transition from being a student in a Nepali village to being an undergraduate student in an advanced country like the United States?
When I came to Kearney first, I was quite matured- about 32. Maybe that’s why; I didn’t have much of the culture shock experience.

 Question: Wasn’t it a difficult task to teach the students of Nangi village to build a computer where most of them had hardly seen it?
I don’t think it is that difficult a job. I believe that anybody can learn to do that within a couple of days, if they have attained middle or high school education and they have the enthusiasm to learn. In fact, many of them can not only assemble a computer but can also help in troubleshooting problems or in wireless configuration.
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